"What a wonderful experience ALL of our kids had at PCMS! During our years here in Michigan, you all have been such an important part of our lives - it will be strange next year as we move on! Thank you for the warmth, kindness, and love you have showed our children. We feel blessed you have been part of each of their lives."
Former PCMS Parents

"Thank you doesn't even begin to express our gratitude to your entire school, staff, and summer staff for providing a fabulous environment to flourish. We can't ell you how much we appreciate the care, concern, and overwhelming support you all showed our son, and our entire family. We are over the moon happy that he feels safe, comfortable, and a part of the school. This is exactly the foundation he needed to begin a positive school year."
PCMS Parents

"To the wonderful Montessori teachers and staff at PCMS. Thank you for encouraging and guiding our son on his journey to learn and explore reading, math, music, language, art, crafts, maps, nature (remember when he found the dinosaur bone - a real one!) You have truly enriched his life and ours. This is a special, magical place and you are special people."
PCMS Parents

"We wanted to express our gratitude to you and your Plymouth-Canton staff for making our transition to school such a successful one. We know you already understand how fantastic that group is, but wanted to let you know further how caring, accommodating, sincere and loving everyone has been for our son."
PCMS Parent

"From a parent perspective, we were very grateful about our decision to complete the third year of Montessori. My impression is that a whole lot of children come into the public schools in kindergarten with a wide variety of abilities. Much of the year is spent assessing where everyone is functioning, helping to bring some up to the required level, and learning basics. I was glad our daughter spent her kindergarten year, with zero distractions of adjusting to new rules, environment and people. Rather she used her comfort and confidence to blossom in kindergarten and was more than well prepared for first grade."
Former PCMS Parent

"Now both of our children have completed the three-year program, attended day care and summer camps at PCMS. They have made friends, learned, laughed and loved. Thank you for the events that our family have been part of over the last four years. We have watched our children grown and flourish. They are HAPPY, well-adjusted kids. In our minds, this has been a tremendously successful experience. I can't imagine a better foundation for our children. We are truly going to miss you!"
Former PCMS Parents


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